Ready to rid your home of clutter and junk? You can make your residential junk removal service a breeze with the proper preparation. At Scott’s Rubbish Removal, we have carried out thousands of junk removal jobs. Therefore, in this blog post, we want to cover the steps you should take to prepare before calling in the pros.


Create a List
Before you start hauling out piles of stuff, sit down and create an inventory of your items. It will give you a better idea of how much space is needed for the job and keep track of any items that are too valuable to throw away. It can also help if there are any disputes with the junk removal company regarding which things need to get removed from your home.

Organize Your Items
Once you have a list of what needs to get removed, it’s time to organize and separate them into bins or boxes. It will make it easier for the professionals to remove everything quickly and efficiently—plus, it’ll save time on organizing once they’re gone! If you’re removing any large items like furniture or appliances, make sure they’re easy to access so they can be safely loaded onto trucks and hauled away without difficulty.

Clear The Area
Once all your items are organized and separated into boxes, it’s time to clear out any pathways that may block access for the junk removal team. Try to move as much furniture as possible so that there is plenty of room for the junk removal company to maneuver. Additionally, if there are any hazardous materials or sharp objects (such as broken glass) in the area, be sure that these have been cleared beforehand for safety purposes.

Quick recap
Removing clutter from your home doesn’t have to be stressful—with careful planning and preparation, it can be pretty straightforward. So get into gear by creating an inventory list of items that need to be removed, organizing those items into boxes, and clearing out potential obstacles. If these steps get followed before the residential junk removal service provider arrives at your doorstep, it will create a smooth process.

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